Alarm Systems that Ensure You are Secure

All Secure Security specialize in alarm system installations & repairs for homes and businesses in Johannesburg, including biometric installations and security beams. We offer a host of services that ensure our clients’ homes and businesses are protected and secured. We have an outstanding track record with over a decade of experience in the industry.

All our staff are certified and carry the necessary qualifications to provide our clients peace of mind and a service and product second to none.

Our core focus areas within Alarm Systems are listed below for more information


Secure your home or business with an alarm system is a necessity today in South Africa. Allsecure Security can assist in the installation of all the major alarm brands in SA from IDS, DSC, Takex, Paradox and many more. Our well-trained technicians would be happy to come out to any premises and do a complete risk assessment to cater to all your safety and security needs.

Allsecure Security can install wired and wireless systems pending the size and requirements of the premises. Passives and beams could be installed wired or wireless pending the technician’s assessment. Allsecure Security can also set up most systems for remote viewing, arming and disarming. Contact Allsecure Security for a free risk assessment to get your home and business secured.

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Allsecure Security can do repairs on most alarm systems, it is not always necessary to replace the alarm system. One of our alarm technicians would be happy to assess the unit and advise the best solution accordingly. We take pride in treating our customers fairly and with integrity. As a result, we make it our mission to not only provide the best service possible but to exceed our opposition by providing you with a fair price…

We do not believe in upselling, we advise solutions that we feel would benefit you most. We would like to build a relationship with you and your family because you are not “just a customer” to us… you are part of a family that Allsecure! Call us anytime for any security system repair from CCTV to Alarms, we would love to help you.


Allsecure Security can install most popular brands of beams and passives on the market. One of our friendly technicians will be happy to do a free risk assessment at your home or business to establish what your needs are. It is very important to use the right tool for the job be it a passive or a beam. Passives are a great way to stop the intruder in his tracks before he even gets close to your home or business. And for your response unit timing is everything in keeping you your loved ones or colleague’s safe. Call us today for a full risk assessment free of charge.

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Allsecure Security can assist our clients to install most of the popular biometric brands available in South Africa. We cater for all size business applications from small to large. Biometric system is a great tool for reducing cost and eliminating fraud in the workplace. We have different options available from the fingerprint system to the retina system to capture the person’s information that gives him or her access to the premises or not. Contact us today for free risk assessment.